Skischool Semmler Winterberg

The fact that our meeting points are right in the ski area provides you with unique advantages.
Due to the perfectly located starting points, you can begin your skiing fun with your skiing instructor
straight away and can enjoy your teaching to the full, without losing valuable time in the cable car!

Safety in ski lessons through COVID-19 measures!

Read all about our arrangements regarding distance, mouth and nose protection or improved
cancellation conditions for your safe stay and ski course in Serfaus.

  • Distance

    In general, skiing is an outdoor sport, and the risk of infection is much lower than indoor activities.
    We will try keep the appropriate distance wherever possible and minimize all personal contact.

  • Mouth and nose protection/ Hand disinfection


    In all indoor areas of Ski School Serfaus, we ask our guests to wear mouth and nose protection. We also expect obligatory hand disinfection when entering and leaving our premises. This also applies to our children’s restaurants. All points of sale and reception desks are equipped with glass protection panels.  

    Mouth and nose protection must also be worn at all meeting points.

  • Online booking

    All of our ski school offers are bookable online. We ask our guests to take advantage of this option. You can book your desired services comfortably from home and save yourself the trip to one of our ski school offices.

  • info display in the entrance area

    In the entrance area of our sales offices, guests will be informed about our services and current Covid-19 regulations via info displays.

  • Reduced group size

    The group size is kept as small as possible. We will try to be as flexible as possible especially during busy holiday weeks so that all guests can participate in our ski courses. Nevertheless, we strongly advise you to make an early booking online.

  • Ski races

    Our ski races will continue to take place weekly without restriction. The start intervals will be extended a little so as to avoid congestion or crowding in the start and finish area. All awards ceremonies will be held outdoors for each respective group.

  • Separation of meeting points

    To avoid large crowds, we will expand our ski school gathering points so that we can separate each meeting point. These measures mainly affect our children’s gathering points and the meeting point for private instruction.

  • Guests with symptoms of illness

    It should go without saying that guests with symptoms of illness cannot participate in the ski school offer. We ask for your understanding on this point only so that we can protect each other.

  • Contact tracing

    In order to quickly prevent the virus from spreading if a ski course participant tests positive for Covid-19, it is essential to collect correct information from all our guests (cell phone number, accommodations, e-mail).

  • Isolation upon occurrence of symptoms

    If symptoms occur in children participating in ski courses, they will immediately be separated from the rest of the group. Parents must ensure that they can be contacted at all times so that they can pick up their child as quickly as possible.

  • Free 24-hr. cancellation


    You can take out ski course cancellation insurance for € 10 pro person and € 3 pro day. You can cancellation 24 hours before the first day of the course. The entire course fee will be transferred back to your account. All courses booked online can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the course and without giving a reason. So you can book your desired course in advance without hesitation and cancel it at short notice if you have health concerns despite everything.


  • Employee safety

    We will do everything possible to prepare our ski school employees in terms of training and safety. Along with correct instruction and rules of conduct, we ensure good accommodation and work conditions and carry out systematic tests whenever there is the slightest suspicion of illness.



Skischule Semmler Winterberg
Am Waltenberg 119
59955  Winterberg
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