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Gruppen Skikurs für 
Erwachsene & Jügend & Kinder
in der Skischule Winterberg



Im Skikurses fahren die Schüler vor (ausgenommen Anfänger), damit wir sehen können wie das Skifahrerische Können ist und die Gruppeneinteilung ordentlich erfolgen kann.
Gruppen Kurse starten jeden Tag mit Voranmeldung. Wir empfehlen eine mindestens Kursdauer von 3 Tagen.

Kurseinteilung Kinder

Am ersten Kurstag gibt es für die Einteilung der Kinder ein Vorfahren (ausgenommen Anfänger Kinder). Sofern möglich wird auch auf das Alter und die jeweilige Muttersprache der Kinder Rücksicht genommen.
Kinder haben die Möglichkeit, jeden Tag in einen Skikurs einzusteigen, sofern eine Gruppe vorhanden ist und mit Voranmeldung.
Während der Ferienzeiten (Weihnachten und Fasching) wird auch unterrichtet. Am 1. Januar finden ab 12 Uhr wieder Kurse statt. 


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Skischule Semmler Winterberg
Am Waltenberg 119
59955  Winterberg
+49 2981 820012

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Group Ski course 
for Adult & Teens in

in Winterberg

Announce please in advance.

Day course 4 hours
10:00 o’clock till 12:00 o’clock
13:00 o’clock till 15:00 o’clock

There are 2 times of commencement for1/2 day courses.

Early course course 1
10:00 o’clock till 12:00 o’clock

Late course course 2
13:00 o’clock till 15:00 o’clock

With floodlight Friday- and Saturday- evening.

From 18. 30 to 21. 00 o’clock
Course times and meeting place forprivate courses after arrangement.

Cross country skiing teaching in Winterberg


Cross country skiing brings movement in your life. Enjoy our breath-taking countryside with a relaxing atmosphere and escape your everyday routine.

Cross-country lessons

Cross country skiing is one of the most healthiest forms of exercise. The pressure on your ankle-joint will be minimalised by the gliding phase of the ski. It is a fantastic work-out for heart and veins while most of your muscles will be used. Ideal for a starting sportsman or for a more intensive form of sports in the winter. You will have a good time.

Meeting point Langlaufen

Skischool Semmler  
Am Waltenberg 119
Parkplace 3 Bremberg langlaufstadion

For school and Groups

Almost every year the German Sauerland Rothaargebirge is covered with a thick layer of snow, which is of course an important reason for a visit in winter.  The area is characterised by beautiful half-timbered houses, cosy villages and mountains. You can excellently ski, snowboard, toboggan and hike in the Sauerland.

The highest point in the Sauerland is the famous Kahle Asten (842 m) with a magnificent view over the beautiful snow-covered surroundings. The undoubtedly most famous holiday resort is Winterberg. An active visit to this beautiful part of Germany is definitely worth it.

The appropriate company outing

Winterberg is perhaps the most famous holiday resort in the Sauerland. This place has everything a resort has to offer: Bars, restaurants, nice shops, mountain biking, discos, ski jumps and bobsleigh runs, but above all pistes and cross-country ski runs. In Winterberg you can enjoy lots of snow in winter. The ski lift carousel Winterberg lies directly in the town, with 28 pistes of which 23 are chair lifts and 3 drag lifts, the largest skiing area next to the Alps. The slopes are mostly easy to moderate, but there are also some demanding black slopes. For a day or a longer stay, book for yourself or a group, ask for a free quote.

With us, you are offered the journey to perfection and it is not mass production, but quality that decides.

We rent carveski, snowboards, toboggan and cross-country equipment.
We give lessons in alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing.
We organize hikes, e.g. with torches at dusk.

The parking spaces for the buses are directly at the piste. 

We will put together a tailor-made program for you if you send us your inquiry with special needs by email.

Prices cross-country skiing

1 day

10.00 – 12.00 & 13.00 – 15.00 hour

1 Person


each additional à


3 hours

9.30 – 12.30 hour

13.00 – 16.00 hour

1 Person



each additional à



2 hours

10.00 – 12.00 hour

13.00 – 15.00 hour

1 Person



each additional à